Jumble Tumble Disk Shooter

Jumble Tumble Disk Shooter is a Smartivity do-it-yourself toy for 6+ years old. In it, you will create a toy in which there are a few Disks and you have to take the Disk Shooter and aim at the target and then shoot it. When you shoot it then, if you hit it then you get points. They have given an instruction booklet.

You can arrange the blocks in different ways and Hang the Targets at different places too! You have to load the Magazine with 20 red rings. Then, slide the Magazine into the Shooter Chamber. Pull the Striking Plate to shoot the Rings. Push the Press Plate to unlock the Magazine and reload.

I thought it was medium difficulty in making it. I needed help in one place because the grooves were not there. Then my dad cut it and made it with a knife. But for most of it, I was able to follow the instruction booklet and create it myself. If you try it out, then I hope you have as much fun as I had in making and playing with it!

You can see some pictures below of different arrangements of blocks and a video of me making the Game and one video of me playing the game.

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