Independence Day and World Humanitarian Day

India independence day is on August 15, 1947. It was the day when India got freedom from Britishers to rule their own country. Many freedom freedom fighters were fighting and risking their own lives to save other lives of many, many, many other people. The main freedom fighter was Gandhi ji. My uncle (bade papa) is in the army and has fought in the 1999 Kargil war and has protected India many times. I have fun with him (pictures below).

World Humanitarian Day is on August 19 every year. It is celebrated to pay tribute to all workers who help others. Such days help raise awareness about global problems and tells us to take a moment and think about what others are doing for us and to appreciate them. This year it is extra special because of Corona Virus. So many doctors are risking their lives to save other people. Scientists are also working very hard to develop a vaccine for the virus. In April, Modiji had told all Indians to come to our balconies and clap for these humanitarians. In 2020, this day will celebrate every individual who is helping underprivileged people.

I volunteer with Pratham organization to teach kids. My good friend, Naira, supports the Vishalakshi Foundation, which is distributing dry ration to slum areas in Gurgaon. I am donating 80% of the profits of my 3rd book to Naira’s foundation. See our video below for more information. Drop me an email if you want to buy my 3rd book.


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