Learning about Safe Online Behavior

I played an online game, which is conducted by Google. It is called Interland. It teaches kids about safety in the online world, but in a fun way. In it, there are four (4) levels. Each of them teaches about a new skill. If we follow these, we can be digital role models.

Where and how do I play this game?

To play that game click Interland – Be internet Awesome. Then, click on Let’s do this!. Choose the level (1- 4) you want to play! Then, you can play the game and have fun! I strongly recommend this game to every school kid. It is free to play.

What happens in the 4 levels?

In the First level, you have to make the crying kids happy. You also have to remember to destroy the bullies! To destroy the bullies, you have to find and collect a speaker, and come in front of the bully and click the space bar. Then the bully will be destroyed for once, and for all! Use the arrow keys to move. If you wan’t to jump, hold the up arrow key, and click the side you wan’t to go. To make someone happy, give some hearts. Click the space bar if you wan’t to give a good vibe to someone. The big, yellow people are the bullies. On a scale of my liking of this among all of the levels is 2nd. I learnt to be alert about bullies on the internet and that if I see an internet bully, I should speak up and report them to an adult. I also learnt that it is a good idea to be kind to the people who are being bullied because then it makes them happy.

In the second level, you have to answer some questions. There are some rocks that appear. On each rock, there is one option. You have to point towards the correct rock and click the space bar if you think it is the correct option. If you do it correct, you jump on the next rock, and if you do it wrong you fall into the river. Some questions also have timers, so you also need to have speed and do it fast! On a scale of my liking of this among all of the levels is 4th. I learnt about phishing and how there can be bad people who can trick you to get your information and steal money from you. So, we must be careful and think about whether it is true or not.

In the third level, you learn about who to send what information to. There are many mirrors and you have to make the laser go and reflect on the mirror so that it gets reflected on another mirror. You also can’t let the other people know about your information. The blue colored people are your family, the green colored people are your friends, the yellow colored people are any random people, and the red people are bad people. Click the space bar to share the information. Use the arrow keys to find a spot to shoot. On a scale of my liking of this among all of the levels is 3rd. I learnt to give information to only those people who I know should get it. Also we must be careful about who we share information with.

In the fourth level, there are four (4) sections. First, you have to secure you Emails and messages from hackers. You have to collect 6 messages and 6 Emails. If you bang into a rock, the hacker will steal some of your Emails and messages and the number of messages and emails will be decreased. When you get 6 of both, you have to secure your phone information and credit card information. It works similarly as the 1st section. Once you put all this in the castle, next, you have to protect the five (5) doors of the castle. The hacker wants to get in the castle to steal all your information. So, they try to come in your castle by breaking the doors. You have to save the doors by using the arrow keys to hop from one to another. Then, click the space bar if you wan’t to choose a good and strong password. I will ask you the strongest password. Click the correct one. When one tower is very secure, and not a single person can come in, it will show a lock. You have to try to have a lock on each of the 5 doors. In the next section, you will have lots of signs, and letters. It will ask you some questions. As you answer them, you will keep making a password. Finally, you will make a very strong password. On a scale of my liking of this among all of the levels is 1st. I learnt about not sharing any personal information with anyone and about which can be my strongest password. It should be 8 characters long, have uppercase and lowercase and numbers and special characters.

Key points I learnt in each level of the game
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