Food Sharing Apps

Food-sharing Apps are a platform which take overproduced or unwanted food which would be generally discarded and distribute it to people who actually need it. 1/3rd of all the food produced every year gets wasted. On the other hand, it is estimated that 10% of people die of hunger in the world and another 10% are malnourished. These food-sharing apps can increase food security and make sure everyone has access to minimum nutrition.

There are many such apps in the world. A few examples are:

  1. Seva Kitchen – It was launched in 2018 by Khushroo Poacha in India. It connect donors to the needy and the receiver can pick the food from the donor’s house. Anyone like caterers, restaurants, bakeries, etc. can be donors. Interestingly, there are more donors than receivers, so Seva Kitchen is trying to still not waste food. People use it to donate food during birthdays and anniversaries. They currently work with 13 hospitals and 7 schools.
  2. Zomato Feeding India – In 2019, Zomato and Feeding India (registered as Hunger Heroes) collaborated to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in India. They provide essential food support to underserved communities in the form of raw grains and freshly cooked food. They have served 4.3 Crore meals already and each meals costs Rs 15 to prepare. It is only applicable in India so far and anyone can donate money. It costs Rs 750 for 50 meals.
  3. Too Good To Go – It connects individual customers to restaurants and stores with surplus food. It was created in 2015 in Denmark. The purpose is to reduce food wastage worldwide and to give food to the needy at 1/3 the price. Till 2022, more than 57.7 million users and 154,000 establishments had signed up, and Too Good To Go has collected 139 million meals!
  4. ResQ – ResQ takes food that would usually be wasted, from quality restaurants, bakeries and cafes. People can find food of their choice and purchase it. It operates in European countries – Finland, Germany, Sweden and Poland, saving more than 110,000 portions of food every month.

I would like to be a sustainability advocate for Zero Hunger. For this, I have already shared a Seva Kitchen poster in my community, I have donated Rs 750 towards 50 meals through the Feeding India program and have already registered as a “Poshan Champion”. I have Taken a pledge towards promoting a Hunger Free India. I have created artwork to promote awareness about malnutrition and increase awareness about it. Lastly, I have urged others to get more educated about SDG-2. Food-sharing apps are important to reduce hunger and donating is a nice way to show that you care for the planet. Zero-hunger is UN’s SDG-2 which we have to achieve by 2030. So, save some illnesses and lives by donating some food!

One thought on “Food Sharing Apps

  1. Superb initiative of creating this awareness, Yuvika.
    It’s rare to see kids of your age indulging in such social initiatives. Great going and will surely make the most of these Food sharing apps.
    Priya Aunty


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