Food / Sabudana khichri

Ingredients – 
1 cup sabudana
1 potato, diced
Lemon Juice
Chilli flakes, Salt, Jeera
1 tsp oil

Soak Sabudana overnight. Use 1:1 proportion of Sabudana and Water. Make sure you wash the sabudana nicely first.

Method for making it next day –
1. Put oil in pan and heat it. Add jeera
2. Add aloo and salt. Saute it and then cover and let it cook for 5 mins on low gas
3. Add sabudana and gently keep turning the mixture until the sabudana becomes transparent. It only takes 3-4 mins
4. Add Chilli flakes, lemon juice and dhaniya


Ingredients before getting started
Taking out some chopped potato
Mixing sabudana
Ready Sabudana Khichri
Ready Sabudana Khichri