World Tiger Day

Today is World Tiger Day. It is on July 29 every year. It is celebrated to tell people that you should save tigers and conserve them. Tigers are the national animal of India and 70% of the world’s tiger population is in India. They were becoming extinct because people were poaching them and because people were cutting down forests, which is their home (habitat).

I created a Save Animals poster and a Facts about Tigers Poster for my school presentation today. There was also an article in the newspaper about tigers today. You can see all these below in the pictures.

I have gone to Ranthambore with my father but I did not see any tigers there. I saw one tiger from very far in Kaziranga National Park. I went there with my friend Neha. I wish to see more tigers in jungle safaris next year. I love tigers and all jungle animals.

Animals I See in the Rainy Season

It was rainy season in India. Rainy season is called “Monsoon”. I saw lots of tiny animals outdoors and indoors. I had lots of fun seeing animals. One day I went bug hunting with my society friends, Rudra, and Supriya and Rishi uncle (their dad). I saw and learnt many things about some bugs. Some of the bugs I already knew about them.

In monsoon in India I see lots of earthworms every year and I save many of them, because they were in the middle of the road or pathway. I even saw a saw a snail and picked it up too.

Here are some pictures of me with the snail and earthworm and doing bug hunting.

Jumble Tumble Disk Shooter

Jumble Tumble Disk Shooter is a Smartivity do-it-yourself toy for 6+ years old. In it, you will create a toy in which there are a few Disks and you have to take the Disk Shooter and aim at the target and then shoot it. When you shoot it then, if you hit it then you get points. They have given an instruction booklet.

You can arrange the blocks in different ways and Hang the Targets at different places too! You have to load the Magazine with 20 red rings. Then, slide the Magazine into the Shooter Chamber. Pull the Striking Plate to shoot the Rings. Push the Press Plate to unlock the Magazine and reload.

I thought it was medium difficulty in making it. I needed help in one place because the grooves were not there. Then my dad cut it and made it with a knife. But for most of it, I was able to follow the instruction booklet and create it myself. If you try it out, then I hope you have as much fun as I had in making and playing with it!

You can see some pictures below of different arrangements of blocks and a video of me making the Game and one video of me playing the game.

Father’s Day 2020

I created a book for my father on father’s day. My dad loved it sooooooooo much that he wanted to read it again and again. Finally, he read it once in the bed and once after doing something in the kitchen.

It had 6 pages (including the Cover Page) in it. These are the pages which were there:

I had made a card book for my dad on Father’s Day last year. The video below shows the book. I was very small (5 years old), so there are some spelling mistakes in it. But my dad wanted a book because I have written a few books and he wanted me to write one for him.


I learnt about comics in school. Then my best friend, Neha, showed me how to make comics of my own. I used Pixton and StoryboardThat for making comics. I was also reading some comics like Dogman. So, I was inspired.

I also made comics for my dad on Father’s Day. I included everything I do with my dad and also added some jokes that I created. He is funny and really likes my jokes!

Below are two of the comics I designed. In the first one, I was just experimenting and the second one, I made it for my friend, Neha, on her birthday (June 2).

Comic for Neha on her Birthday

And after I gave this comic to Neha…

…She made one for me. It is really good and I love to keep reading it. Here it is:

Home decor – Foyer Mirror

I decorated a Mirror with my mom. However I did it all with recycled material. I did it by taking some tissue rolls, flattening them and then cutting it. Then we painted it using poster paints and spray paints and used glue gun to stick them together in the pattern.

It is important to do the planning first to get the best result. And doing the glue gun was my favorite part. See the video of how I made this.


The Djembe is a member of the percussion family of instruments. It is a drum from west Africa. It was played so that people come to peace. I made a Djembe at home for a school project. I used recycled waste for this and had a lot of fun in making it. Check out my video below.

Mechanical Xylophone

I made a Mechanical Xylophone using Smartivity kit. It was a lot of fun! See the video of me making it and of me playing different tunes from it. There are also many experiments which they have recommended and I tried those too – it was very interesting. For example, take out the base plate and then put it on different surfaces like Floor, Bed, Metal surface like kitchen gas. If you put it on the sofa or any cloth surface, then almost no sounds came. But if you put it on the floor, then lots of sound came.

I will be doing more Smartivity Kits. The next one will be a Jumble Tumble Disc Shooter and the Hydraulic Crane. Stay tuned!