Reviews / 7 Habits of Happy Kids

Sean Covey has made a 7 good habit series. It is a fiction book series. There are 7 books in the series, as is very obvious when you read the title. 

In each book, there is a story with some of the characters like Sammy, Spohie, Goob, Tagalong Allie. They are all friends and they are animals. The author tells about a good habit using a story in their lives.

The first book is “Just the way I am”. It is about how Pokey first thinks that Biff is right that his quills look ugly, but then he saw his quills wiggled and sparkled in the sun, so Pokey thought his quills were not so bad and he thought I like myself just the way I am.

The second book is “When I grow up”. I would prefer a different background story, as it does  not give an effect of the good or nice habit we should follow. The lesson was supposed to be plan before you do. But, I think it was just about dreaming. I did not like it a lot.

The third book is “A place for everything”. It is about how Jumper the rabbit can’t find her sneakers. The lesson taught organise your place.

The fourth book is “Sammy and the Pecan Pie”. It is about Sammy feeling left-out because his twin sister, Sophie, gets 100% in all tests and she is so smart. His mom talks to him and explains that everyone is good at different things. Then his booth was the best at the Science Fair. The lesson is everyone can win and it is not like only one person is the best.

The fifth book is “Lilly and the yucky cookies”. This is my favorite book in the series. It is about how Lily makes cookies and does not listen to her dad, so when she goes and asks her friends to taste it, they don’t like it. Lily comes home and tells her dad that her friends didn’t like it, her dad says “listen to the steps first and then do it”. After dinner Lily and her dad made cookies again and then her friends liked it a lot. The lesson is Listen and understand before you start doing something.

The sixth book is “Sophie and the perfect poem”.One day at class Ms. Hoot was giving everyone a partner, but Sophie got Biff. Biff was mean and scary. Sophie decided to talk to Ms. Hoot. Then after the talk, Sophie agreed to try it out. Over the next few days, they worked together to finish the poem. The day for everyone to share their poem, Sophie and Biff stood on the stage and spoke their poem and everyone loved Sophie and Biff’s poem. Their poem was the best! The lesson is it is best if you do it together.

The seventh book is “Goob and his grandpa”. The background story is my second favorite but like the second book, the story does not relate to the lesson.The story is about Goob’s Grandpa dying and how all Goob’s friends are so kind and help Goob do all the things he does with his Grandpa. The lesson is to be kind.

I enjoyed this series a lot and would definitely recommend my friends to read it.


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