Reviews / Dogman

Dav Pilkey has made a Dogman series. Dogman is a fiction comic series. There are 8 books of Dog man (1-8). Two of them (9, 10) are not yet released. This is a perfect comic for beginner readers at 5-7 years old. 

There was Officer Knight who was not very smart but he had a kung-fu grip and was strong. His dog, Greg, was very smart. Petey, the cat, is a villain. She put a bomb to kill Officer Knight and Greg the dog. It exploded and they were both in the hospital. Then the genius nurse lady got an idea to sew Greg’s head onto the cop’s body. Dog man was born. The other main characters in the first 5 books of Dog man are: Chief, Sarah Hatoff, Zuzu, Petey, Li’l Petey. 

I have read books 1-5. Book 1 is called “Dog man”. It is the story of how Dog man is born and how he puts the bad Mayor and Petey into jail. Book 2 is called “Dogman Unleashed”. It is about who Flat Petey is. Book 3 is called ”A tale of two kitties”. I like all dogman books but this is my favorite one. It is about how Li’l Petey gets born. It is really silly and also cute! Book 4 is called “Dogman and cat kid”. It is about who Cat kid is. Book 5 is called “Lord of the fleas”. It is about who is Piggy and who is the FLEAS group.

Things I learnt from Dog man and loved in it:

  1. Dogs are color blind. (Book 1)
  2. Petey says “If you’re good nobody cares”, Li’l Petey says “Ya gotta be good anyway, papa”.
    Petey says “If you’re kind, people think you’re weak”, Li’l Petey says “Ya gotta be kind anyway, papa”.
    Petey says “If you’re honest, people just try to trick you”, Li’l Petey says “Ya gotta be honest anyway, papa”.
    Petey says “If you’re happy, people just get jealous”, Li’l Petey says “Ya gotta be happy anyway, papa”.
    Petey says “You can spend years creating stuff and a big robot brontosaurus can come along and zap it all to smithereens in two seconds”Li’l Petey says, ya gotta be creative anyway, papa”. (Book 5)
  3. You must be you. This is when Petey is going to cat jail then she first says remember to   be evil, but then corrects herself and says “Just be yourself, kid”. (Book 3)
  4. There is something called flip.o.rama in which you flip, on two pages and it looks like an animated cartoon! (All books)
  5. I love some Knock Knock jokes. This is of two people, it is, Knock  Knock (person 1), who’s there ( person 2 ), Dwayne (person 1), The person says the word and adds a who at the last, Dwayne who ( person 2 ) now you say something funny with that, Dwayne the bathtub i’m dwowning! (Book 5)
  6. They have given a drawing lesson in which they tell you how to draw different characters!

I love reading Dog man books because they are funny, adventurous and easy to read. I also drew all Dogmans, which you can see below. I can’t wait to get the next book! I would highly recommend this series. I hope you enjoy reading Dogman as much as I did!


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