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Jordan Quinn has made a Wrenly series. It is a fiction book series. There are 15 books in the series so far. The 15th one has just come out in June 2020. There are 3 main characters: Prince Lucas, his friend Clara and his pet dragon Ruskin. They live in the Kingdom of Wrenly and have many fun and exciting adventures together. I started reading it when I was 5 years old (my dad helped me). Later, when I was 6 years old, I read all the books on my own again and then I read  15 on my own only. Each book has about 130 pages and is divided into about 10 chapters.

The first book is The Lost Stone. It is about how queen Tasha lost her green emerald and Lucas and Lucas’s friend, Clara, both go and try to find the emerald and are able to find it.

The second book is The Scarlet Dragon. It is about how Lucas gets a Scarlet dragon named Ruskin. Ruskin and Clara are my favorite characters.

The third book is Sea Monster!. It is about who Nanny Louisa is and how Clara and Lucas are in high risk, but save themselves from a sea Monster.

The fourth book is The Witch’s Curse. It is about the witch and her Curse of making the rain come for many days.

The fifth book is Adventures in Flatfrost. It is about Ruskin, Lucas, and Clara were playing hide-and-seek with ice-cubes.Then, Lucas’s parents got to know and punished them to go to Flatfrost on their own and send Ruskin to get training to not burn everything. They and Ruskin did training and came back from Flatfrost and made an obstacle and did a show! Everyone loved the show!

The sixth book is Beneath The Stone Forest. It is about Bella, the royal princess and her puppy came for a visit. Clara has to go on an adventure for her school project. She and Lucus go on an adventure to the stone forest. They take Bella along with them. Her puppy gets lost in a tunnel and Ruskin finds it!

The seventh book is Let the Games Begin. It is about how there is a show and a horse-riding show and a mean boy named Gilbert. Gilbert has a bigger horse, but Clara still wins the race! This is one of my favorite books.

The eighth book is The Secret World of Mermaids. Lucus and his friend Clara are floating on a raft and in a while, a wave hits Lucas and he falls into a wave. He sees a lot of cool stuff like castels, towers and even mermaids! His father, King Caleb tells him that mermaids are really secretive and don’t tell much but Lucas still wants to find out about the secret world of mermaids.

The ninth book is The Bard and the Beast. It is about who is William and how many times Lucas is late for his music lesson.

The tenth book is The Pegasus Quest. It is about who Grace is and how Lucas and Clara saw a Pegasus! At first they thought a Stranger was going to hurt the Pegasus, but then they saw that the hunter was trying to help! 

The eleventh book is The False Fairy. It is about how the False Fairy always lies, but actually this time she did not lie! She told the truth now!

The twelfth book is The Sorcerer’s Shadow. It is about who Petros is and how no one likes him. Towards the last Petros thinks and makes a beast stop attacking them. 

The thirteenth book is The Thirteenth knight. It is about how there is a Knight Spires and how they made a test of who will be the 13th Knights Spire.Lucas. didn’t participate, but Clara participated and level by level, finally, Clara reached the last level and was the 13th knight!!! This book is one of my other favorite books in this series.

The fourteenth book is A Ghost in the Castle. Lucas, Clara and Ruskin discover that there is a ghost roaming around in the castle areas and can disappear anywhere in the walls. So, whenever the ghost is somewhere around, then it becomes cold in that area. They are able to solve the mystery of who the ghost actually is. 

The fifteenth book is Den of Wolves. Lucas and Clara go on an adventure in which they find a small wolf pup which is alone in the woods. They try to find the pup’s mom and in that process, Ruskin gets trapped by some hunters. Then they find where Ruskin is and realize that the hunters trapped a few other animals too. So, they free all the animals and Ruskin. And they also find the Wolves and give the pup to its mom. 

I am waiting for more books in the Wrenly series because I enjoy reading it a lot. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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